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Judy's Bio

As a Colorado Native, Judy grew up riding horses and playing in the outdoors. Ten years ago she suffered from a stroke which caused paralysis to her right side, and Aphasia which impairs her ability to communicate, including speaking, reading, and writing, while leaving intelligence unaffected.Through this difficult time Judy’s belief in Jesus Christ has given her the strength to find joy every day. As a rehabilitation exercise she was encouraged to paint what a stroke looked like. Since that first painting she’s been using art to express herself. In an effort to improve her skills she began taking classes.  Judy was introduced to Tadashi Hayakawa who encouraged her to expand her creative ability and begin exploring abstracts. Through Tadashi’s support he has helped Judy create striking abstract pieces. Judy chooses to continue to transform her circumstance into something beautiful through her artwork. She has been a featured artist locally at the University of Denver Colorado Women’s…

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